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3 hours
€ 200
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This tour includes a local English-speaking Guide (private - only for you) for 3 hours in Florence


In this tour for wheelchairs You will discover the heart of the Medieval Florence, the historic district of Florence. Nestled in the north central Italian peninsula, Florence was for many centuries the hub of artistic and historical events in Italy. It was founded around the X century B.C. in the place of confluence of two rivers: the Mugnone and the Arno. Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance, of the national language and of Dante Alighieri, the Florentine poet.
You will visit the Baptistery (external visit). Dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the saint patron of the city, the Baptistery is covered with white Carrara marble. Symbolic Monument and religious and cultural hub of the city, the Baptistery of San Giovanni is mentioned for the first time in a document of 897. After it, undergoing numerous changes such as the addition of the third order with its pyramidal roof and the lantern (topped by the globe and cross, dated 1174), the Baptistery was officially dedicated to St. John the Baptist in 1059 by Nicholas II, Pope and Bishop of Florence.

Although the exact date of the Baptistery’s construction is uncertain, it is however sure that the first stone was laid on the site of a major Roman ”domus”, probably a big ”domus”, with abundant use of marble material from the ruins of Roman monuments. Very famous are the three gates on which are depicted scenes from the Old Testament. On the three gates, which are arranged according to the cardinal points, it is in fact possible to read, like a giant figurative Bible, the history of humanity and of the Redemption which starts from the central gate, continuing on the south gate and finally ending with the northern gate (that is narrating the story of Christ). The dome of the Baptistery is covered with beautiful mosaics made by Jacopo da Torrita nel 1225.
One can admire also the Giotto’s Bell Tower (external visit) and the Duomo (internal visit) that is more impressive outside than inside. The Duomo (or "Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower") is located on the place where, starting from the XI century, was the Romanesque Basilica of S. Reparata, honoured in the following century with the title of Cathedral (previously attributed to S. Lorenzo). The construction of the cathedral was decided in 1289 and the project committed to Arnolfo di Cambio: Giotto, Andrea Pisano and Brunelleschi too worked to its construction. To the right of the cathedral, stands the slender, elegant Campanile di Giotto (the Giotto’s Bell Tower), so named because Giotto designed and partly realized it. The Campanile is about 84 meters high and 14 meters wide.

Wheelchair access is through the Porta dei Canonici (Gate of the Canons) - south side.

Then You’ll reach with your guide the Piazza della Signoria, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. In the XIII and XIV centuries it was the centre of civic life in Florence. This square is a veritable open-air museum because there many famous masterpieces are displayed. You’ll reach the Old Bridge, already present in the Roman period and it is the oldest bridge in Florence. The current structure of the bridge dates back to 1345 and it is a work by Neri Fioravanti. Back then, it was characterized by shops, that sold groceries, and only in XVI century jewellers were placed there.

At the end You’ll visit the interior of the Basilica of Santa Croce (Basilica of the Holy Cross) that was begun in 1294 by Arnolfo di Cambio. The basilica has always been the headquarters of the Franciscan Friars of Florence. It is considered the most beautiful Gothic church in Italy. The interior, with three naves, is characterized by the gravestones and tombs of many famous people like Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo and the cenotaph of Dante Alighieri.

N.B.: Those who use a wheelchair or have physical disabilities can use two entrances: the first is placed along the north side of the building next to the entrance of the Basilica (Largo Bargellini), and the second entrance is in front of the exit the Basilica (Piazza Santa Croce). Almost all areas of Santa Croce Church are accessible to visitors with disabilities apart from the transept, the Sacristy and the Chapel of the Novitiate separated from the rest of the church by steps; so you can not access with wheelchairs.

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