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POMPEII-SORRENTO (budget tour) - Italy


This tour is very affordable because, even though You have a private English-speaking guide (only for You), You use only public transports (hydrofoil and train).


6/7 hours
Based on the number of participants
All year long


This tour includes Private archaeological guide for 6/7 hours (only for You) in Pompeii ruins and Sorrento

Pompeii fees and train tickets are not included.


  • Meet with our English-speaking guide by the entrance of Pompeii ruins
  • Two-hour-tour with Your private guide (only for You)
  • 1 hour of free time for a snack
  • Transfer with Your guide by public train (Circumvesuviana) to Sorrento
  • 1-hour-walking-tour in the center of Sorrento with Your private guide
  • Free time in Sorrento for exploring the center on Your own
  • Your guide will show You where the port of Sorrento is for the jetfoil for Naples (where your cruiseship is) or the train station in case you stay in an accommodation on the mainland

You can meet our private archaeological guide by the ruins of Pompeii in a prearranged place and time. Then, your guide will help You buy your tickets (not included - You have to pay apart) and You'll enjoy with him a two-hour-tour in that amazing place.
After that You'll have a little snack (if You prefer, You can have a sandwich or a pizza at Sorrento). After that, You take the local train (Circumvesuviana) and in 30 minutes You'll be at Sorrento centre. The train tickets are not included, but Your guide will stay with You all the time and he will help You buy them. At Sorrento You'll visit (on foot) the centre of the town (the guided tour will last roughly 1 hour) and after that You can have free time.
From there, Your guide will show you how you can reach the port of Sorrento for taking the jetfoil for Naples: the guide will give you all the information you need. When You arrive by jetfoil to Naples, You'll disembark few meters away from Your cruise. In case You stay in an accommodation on the mainland, You can take the local train (Circumvesuviana) back to Your lodging: all the information will be provided by your guide.

This private budget tour with an English-speaking guide combines two must-see attractions of the area: Pompeii and Sorrento.

Before the eruption that destroyed Pompeii, Vesuvius was a high mountain full of vegetation: its name was linked to the wine, the most famous of antiquity, which was produced in the vineyards on its slopes. Surely only few people were aware of the nature of fire of Mt Vesuvius. On August 24 of 79 AD, after a long sleep, the volcano suddenly awakened and it flooded the surrounding cities with large amounts of pumice stones, ash and mud. Most of the people who managed to leave the cities died soon after along the coast; those who remained in the house died suffocated by toxic gas; the plaster casts of the bodies in agony are one of the most dramatic evidence of this tragedy. The rain of ash and lapilli stones, in addition to sow death and destruction, also realized a painful spell: the life of the thriving city of Pompeii froze, allowing people who unearthed it after many centuries, to watch a crystallized place; to know, with a wealth of detail that is unmatched in the world, how the urban life in that area was at the end of the first century AD.

As regards Sorrento, the natural scenery where it is located is universally celebrated and the historic centre of the town is really beautiful. The heart of Sorrento is the Piazza Tasso square with the monument of the poet Torquato Tasso and the statue of the patron St. Antonino. The church in the square St. Antonino, founded in the eleventh century but covered in Baroque style, is dedicated to the saint. Noteworthy is the medieval pointed-arched cloister of the church of St. Francis and the nearby Villa Comunale (Public Garden) that offers a great view over the Gulf of Naples. Along Via S. Cesareo, which corresponds in part to the ancient Roman decumanus, you will recognize Sedile Dominova (XV century), seat of the noble institution which was entrusted with the administration of the city. It consists of an arched loggia, closed on two sides by balustrades and crowned with a seventeenth century dome made of majolica tiles. Another interesting monument in Sorrento is its Cathedral, which was built in the XV century and restored later: inside it is richly decorated with some interesting works dated back to sixteenth century.

This private budget tour with an English-speaking guide is recommended to good walkers.


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