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Licensed English-speaking Guide for the 2-hour tour in the Uffizi Gallery


Together with our English-speaking guide You will visit one of the greatest museums in the world, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Here a wealth of beautiful masterpieces are gathered. More than 1000 works are displayed in 45 halls, in addition numerous sculptures, historical maps and much more.

Actually even the building that houses the Gallery is very interesting and ancient and it was built in 1560 by Giorgio Vasari, who was an Italian painter, art historian and a good architect. It was originally commissioned by Cosimo I, for the offices of the Florentine state. Giorgio Vasari conceived the great square, enclosed by the two wings of the building and in communication with the Lungarno through a wide arch. The great architect built the long corridor that bears his name and which unites Palazzo Vecchio to the Uffizi Galley, crosses the Arno river on the Ponte Vecchio and arrives to Palazzo Pitti. The building was converted into an Art Gallery at the behest of Francis I and thanks to the work of Buontalenti who divided and decorated the interior rooms. In 1737, Anna Maria Ludovica, the last of the Medici dinasty, gave the Uffizi to the city of Florence.

The origins of the oldest museum in modern Europe date back to 1581. In that year, Francis I de’ Medici, grand duke of Tuscany, provided the gallery with paintings, statues and other precious things and opened the Uffizi Gallery to anyone who requested it. In fact, after the death of Cosimo de’ Medici in 1574, followed within a few months by the death of his faithful architect Giorgio Vasari, the heir Francis I decided to turn the Uffizi in the first public museum of history. Francis I, the discussed alchemist and scientist prince, known for his eccentricities, had decided to adapt an open room on the top floor of the Uffizi in a Gallery and so he moved there the most famous examples of classical sculpture in the collections of his family. Francis had also decided to intersperse the biggest statues with the busts of Roman emperors (in front of which he placed the busts of their wives). This exhibition was designed to celebrate the entire Medici dynasty creating an ideal link between the historical figures and the Medici family: behind the larger statues were placed the most beautiful portraits of this famous Florentine family.

On the death of Francis I (he died when he was 47 years old of malarial fever after twenty days of illness), the heir became his brother Ferdinand (1549-1609), who was forced to leave the cardinal garments to become the new Grand Duke. Ferdinand continued in the enrichment and expansion of the Gallery, where he moved the precious classical statues acquired when he lived in Rome.

Today the gallery is set up chronologically in 45 rooms arranged around three corridors adorned with ancient sculptures, tapestries dating back to the XVI century and a series of portraits. If the Uffizi Gallery can be called the most famous museum in the world, this is not just because of its superb works of art and its buildings. Its unique quality also comes from the origins of its collections, from its history which goes back more that four centuries.

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